Marketing alternatives for trade fairs

Use Video Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Use video format for announcing key messages to your audience. Imagine that you are talking to someone who is visiting your stand but keep it short and to the point. You can also distribute this video through your company’s social media channels, website, and newsletter.

Organize Webinars

Through a webinar, the speaker reaches a large and targeted group of online viewers. During the webinar the viewers can interact actively. Keep in mind to announce the webinar through your channels and at a time when most of your target audience will likely be online to participate.

Organize Virtual Events

Organize a digital event that looks like a virtual trade fair. Let participants register online so that you get their data and can follow them up with marketing automation.

Customize your website accordingly

Turn your website into your own digital stand with hot topics, the newest trends, and new launches. Make it dynamic and interactive. For example, insert downloadable elements for visitors or a registration form for webinars.

Personalized mailings

For example, create a dedicated newsletter containing everything you normally would be communicating at the fair. And add the above-mentioned alternatives to create attractive content: videos, link to replay webinar, Call-to-Action (CTA) to build more traffic on website special landing page.

Online advertising

Use social media campaigns to tease the target group that is usually present at your trade fairs. In this campaign you can refer to the landing page that you have set up on your website with all the information the reader wants to know.

Use LinkedIn

Knowing you would probably not be the only company who is suffering from cancelled trade fairs, it could be interesting to create a LinkedIn group. The group members can share messages about the developments within their company. By doing so you also give other companies 

Organize a private VIP event

Organizing a small private event can give your customers added value and provide a memorable customer experience. To let your customers become future ambassadors of your brand. For example, give them a premium invitation by post, a drink when they arrive, a completely private event with fun workshops and animations and at the end a goodie bag when they leave. Tip: ask your audience for available date and timing, to be sure they can make it.


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