How to increase the engagement on Instagram

Instagram is a powerful tool for businesses. Last year, over 1 billion people used the social media channel monthly. Knowing that around 90% of the users are following at least 1 business, means that not being active as a company on Instagram is an absolute no-go. Whoever thinks about Instagram, thinks about engagement too. But what does it mean? And how do you increase it? Let’s find out!

What does engagement on Instagram mean and why is it important?

Engagement is a synonym of interacting. On Instagram, people can engage with you by following you, giving you likes & comments and reposting your posts. However, nowadays also factors such as saves, views, are seen as part of engagement. The more of these you have, the higher your engagement rate will be. But why is this so important? It is all about the Instagram algorithm. The higher the engagement on your Instagram page, the higher your content will appear on the explore page (so more people will see your posts).

How do you measure engagement?

Engagement can be measured by the engagement rate. This is a KPI that easily can be calculated via a social media engagement calculator. You can find a calculator easily online, but a good formula to use is this one: (likes + comments of last 12 posts / followers) x 100. An engagement rate between 1% and 5% is perceived as successful and good. Are you struggling with your engagement on Instagram? Try to implement the following tips.

Content is key. Out of all social mediaInstagram is one of the most visual-oriented. Therefore, content needs to be qualitative and attention-grabbing. A good example are motion videos and carousel posts. Research has shown that the last one is the best-scoring type of content on Instagram. As said, motion is also a good option to consider. The engagement rate of videos scores significantly higher than images.

Be engaged yourself. Social media is about interaction. Therefore, it is important to step into conversion with your followers. Reach out to them and show genuine interest. Another good way to interact, is to repost the content of your audience. Your followers will feel special and honoured to be acknowledged by one of their favourite companies.

Consistency is of utmost importance. It speaks for itself that the more you post on social media, the more possibilities your followers must engage with your content. Try to be consistent and post on a regular basis. Research has shown that sharing 1 post per day is recommended to increase the engagement. If you have difficulties with this, consider a social media content calendar. Nowadays, there are different tools online that can help you with your social media management.


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